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In this Online Quran Course, kids will learn the correct pronunciation of the Arabic alphabets, how to join letters and learn how to read The Quran. The teacher will guide kids the points where to pronounce and how to pronounce the Arabic alphabets correctly. After learning Qaida, the student will read The Quran under the supervision of the teacher. After taking this course, your kid will start reading Quran with correct pronunciation in the Arabic accent.


Reading Quran with Tajweed is obligatory on every Muslim who wants to recite The Holy Quran. Quran reading with Tajweed is, in fact, reading Quran with correct and exact pronunciation or in a way in which it has been revealed. In this course, the student will learn the basic rules of Tajweed online and apply it while reading the Quran under the supervision of expert Online Quran Teacher.


Memoizing The Holy Quran is the dream of every Muslim. But our busy schedule and lack of proper guidance of a qualified teacher is the biggest hurdle in the process of memorization. KidsQuranOnline is providing you the opportunity to memorize The Holy Quran online at your home. The most important significance of memorizing Quran is the flexible schedule and regularity. Our online Quran Memorization teachers will help you during the whole process and give you tips to memorize the Holy Quran.


Quran is the timeless speech of Allah (SWT) and to learn what He is telling to us is the most notable thing in the conduct of a Muslim. Quran and Hadith are the principal origins of knowledge and guidance to all so it is very necessary to understand the Quran, the words of Allah (SWT), to live life according to the directed order. We are offering Online Tafseer Course in English and Urdu (translation and the meaning of The Holy Quran).

Islamic Knowledge

Basic Islamic knowledge online course is all about fundamental rules of Islam. This course your kid will learn the meaning of Islam, for example About Allah (SWA), Muhammad (PBUH) our Prophet, moral values like how to do Salam, how to say thank you, basic worships of Islam (ibadat) like how to offer prayer and Daily Islamic Supplications (Duain). KidsQuranOnline will provide online classes on Basic Islamic Knowledge with qualified online Islamic tutors in a very interesting way so that student will know and remember it by heart.

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